What Are OEM Parts

Brake Maintenance

If you are the owner of a Mazda or interested in purchasing one, you’ll want to check out Freeman Mazda. Our Mazda dealership serves the Bedford, TX and surrounding Dallas suburbs. We are committed to customer satisfaction and providing top notch service throughout the lifetime of your Mazda vehicle. The Mazda service center is equipped with factory certified parts and trained automotive professionals. Regular service and inspections are key to keeping your Mazda running smoothly.

Factory certified parts, otherwise known as OEM parts, are the best fit for Mazda vehicles. OEM parts are made by the same manufacturers as the cars they are designed for. Due to their specified design, OEM parts are the best fit for brand models like Mazda.

There are several important differences between OEM and Non-OEM parts. While OEM parts are more expensive, they come with both higher quality and a guaranteed warranty. OEM parts are superior to their cheaper Non-OEM counterpart because they are nearly identical to car manufacturer parts. However, when it comes to variety, Non-OEM parts are the better option. Because they are designed by third-party manufacturers, they are much easier to come by and have a greater selection of parts to choose from.

When it comes to Mazda parts, OEM parts will usually be your best option. While they will cost you more money initially, they will save you money in the long run. OEM parts are a smart investment because they help you avoid costly and unnecessary repairs. If you need OEM parts for your new Mazda car, you should consult Freeman Mazda. We will work with you to find the right parts at the right price. In addition, we offer the option to order Mazda parts and accessories online at our website. Unsure of which part you need? Just contact us by phone, email, or in person. We will help guide you in the right direction.

Regular vehicle inspection and maintenance is crucial to keeping your vehicle on the road. This includes simple things like having your tires rotated or your oil changed. At Freeman Mazda, there is a special going on for Mazda oil change now through July. If your Mazda vehicle needs a new part, OEM parts are the smartest option. Regardless of your Mazda needs, we’ve got you covered.